Inevitable Fence Dream

by Matthew D. Rowe

In this place of rest,

this sanctuary of comfort & peace,

commonly filled with love,

embracing compassion,

simple exuberance.

There is no comfort,




or exuberance.


It has become a place

of unrest.


It is still a bed.

Also a field of wild blooming flowers,

untamed & spontaneous,

sporadic & dense,

much like the companionship

of times past.


Our figures lying in a field

of soft cotton sheets,

blues & reds,

wild flora enveloping our bodies.

Intertwined were the linens and vines

between you and I.


But us,

we were not intertwined,

bodies apart and immovable.

Between us,

our hearts,

our souls,

the roots of us,

there was a fence.


A nonthreatening little, rigid fence

at first.

I thought to push it over;

though as I tried,

my strength digressed.


The fence’s force intensified,

it increased in height,

shadowing over our minds,

the posts thickened,

my determination



All I wanted was to remove

one single post.

One insignificant post

and it’d be fixed.

We’d embrace,

compassion once more,

and you would again trust our love.


But you woke me up,

and questioned my doing.

I was so close to having that

fence knocked down,

but you rattled my dream.


You had been striving hard at wake,

and it worked.


It was inevitable,

like winter’s freezing flowers.


It offered guidance,

and in time,

compassion did bloom

into spring.