The Calming Bones

by Matthew D. Rowe

– for Gillian

Whatever your fears,

let them hang lightly,

like a summer’s dress,

off of your perfect breasts.


Whatever doubt consumes you most,

let that be your constant thought,

hold it gently and close,

like that last living rose.



however yours may unravel,

will tell promising tales

of conquered fears.

The telling,

pushing them further and further

into the corners of the darkest, dampest shadows,

leaving not a trace of ticking seconds.



yours waiting calmly, composed,

will flow uncannily like a creek.

The flowing,

it’s constant motion drowning all doubt,

and inspiring the fluid movement

of the supple lips upon your mouth.


Let the wincing,

circulatory wheels of anxiety

be pressed firmly

between space and stone.


Subdue the fear and doubt,

let it be annulled,

full of certainty and clout,

by your calming bones.