Xerox My Heart in a Pile of Copies of Copies in a Coffin

by Matthew D. Rowe

I Xerox-copied my heart

for you.


It’s not the phony Hallmark



But my real, bloody,

beating, pumping,


lung-loving heart.


I put it in a warm

splintered coffin,

with the rest of

your hearts,

and mailed it to you.


Be careful

when you open it,

when you pull the nails out,

some of them are

actually poisonous scorpions.


When you get through

the dead histories

and poison

and hearts

in the coffin,

to my

Xerox-copied heart,

hang it on your fridge

with all the other

Xerox copies,

and copies

of copies



of my heart.


They are all you will ever get.


And you can keep the coffin

and splinters,

for your collection,

I wont ever need them.