Anywhere, but Not Inside Me

by Matthew D. Rowe

Sure you can,

sure as black and white

are opposites,

and every opinion

is still worth giving,

taken bitterly,

with a grain of sarcasm.


Sure you can,

build generations

of dynasties


but not inside me.


You can wage holy wars,

over bananas, avocados,

the potential existence

of flying saucers,

FDA conspiracies,

or visions of omnipotent

leathery hands

in the clouds.


You can do it anywhere,

with words,




or good ol’ fashioned

book thumping,

in any tone of voice,


but not inside me.


Transplant skyscrapers and smog

into the rainforests

of Brazil,

run lead pipes across the Pacific,

bet on the horses,

experiment with half-made lives,

deny individual choice,

shoot poison into your veins,

make a pill for that,

for all I care.


Do any of this,

any time you please,


but not inside me.