IV Things to Consider While Walking Along a Tightrope

I.     No matter how high up you are,

if you think about looking down,

you will most likely look down,

and be very, very afraid.


II.   When you look down it’s going to seem

a lot farther down than it actually is,

and you’ll probably start thinking

sad, uncontrollable thoughts

about your grandmother being dead, people die,

all the empty church pews in other countries,

all the mice trapped in those church basements.


III.  If you think too hard about

all those things in life,

you’ll forget about being high up

on a tightrope,

you’ll stop walking all together,

you’ll be overwhelmed with all the things

you cannot control in life .


IV.  Once you’ve stopped walking

along the tightrope, because of sadness,

you’ll realize you only made it halfway,

get discouraged, want to sit down,

but you can’t sit down on a tightrope,

and when you realize this,

all of the sadness you felt before

will no longer exist.


You’ll just be standing alone

on a tightrope,

feeling like a church pew,

or a mouse,


and trapped.